Download Katalon Studio and Runtime Engine

To Linux users, if you update to Katalon Studio from 8.x to 9.0.0 onwards, make sure to upgrade your OpenJDK to version 17. See instruction here -->
  • Version 8.6.8: Eclipse 2020-06, Java 8, Groovy 2.4.20, Appium 1.x
  • Version 9.1.0: Eclipse 2023-03, Java 17, Appium 2.x
Katalon Studio Enterprise
Easily write tests and import your Selenium projects. Built-in project templates, reusable test artifacts, accurate record and playback with low-code flexibility. Learn more
An add-on to execute your test remotely via CI/CD pipeline or CLI
Katalon Runtime Engine
Run automation tests in CLI mode and view testing reports on Katalon Platform. Schedule or package your tests to perform in virtual containers like Docker. Enhance testing with self-healing, smart wait, native CI/CD integrations, and parallel test executions. Learn more